About Captain Joseph House Foundation

PeopleThe Captain Joseph House Foundation is a one-of-a-kind 501(c)3 non-profit corporation created to support Gold Star Families of our military’s fallen war heroes since the beginning of the Global War on Terrorism on 9/11 from all branches of the military. The mission is simple, yet meets a deeply needed level of compassion that has been missing for those who have been most impacted by their loss. With volunteer and paid staff, donation funding and inspiration, the Foundation will ensure a place for families of the Fallen to gather for respite and will provide a continuum of care for their personal healing.

This respite retreat will take place in a beautiful 1910 Tudor-style craftsman house located in Port Angeles, Washington. Previously the house was an award-winning bed and breakfast owned and operated by the Foundation’s creator, Betsy Reed Schultz.

Captain Joseph House became a concept following the death of Betsy’s son, Captain Joseph William Schultz, in Afghanistan on May 29, 2011, Memorial Day weekend. Captain Schultz, a decorated Army Green Beret detachment commander, was mortally wounded leading his troops when struck down by an IED. Two of his team, their Afghanistan interpreter, and their canine also were killed that day. Captain Schultz’s badly wounded driver survived the explosion, has healed, returned to active duty and completed a following deployment to Afghanistan.

While confronting her own grief, mourning her loss, and spending time with the families of his team, Betsy decided the former inn would be a perfect place for families to gather at a future time following the death of their loved one. A family trip, a holiday tradition, an anniversary are some of those challenging times in the aftermath of such a loss that families face head-on to this very real alteration in their family life. These events can also be one of the most healing opportunities for a family to regroup, create new memories and begin new traditions, or to build on existing ones without the physical presence of their loved one, yet always with them in their hearts. This continuum of care will be in addition to existing assistance families receive through their Veterans and local military organizations or through their religious or community social service organizations. What appeared to be missing for Gold Star Families was the opportunity to take an extended break from the daily reminders and to draw strength from the common experience shared with other families who are experiencing a similar loss, where new friendships can take root in the quiet and peace of a home away from home. Their visit can lead to an easing of the burden they will carry for a lifetime.

Captain Schultz was commended for his belief and practice of “leading from the front”. In honor of her son and those families whose loved ones have also made this ultimate sacrifice for our country, Betsy decided to continue Joseph’s “lead from the front” practice. With her career background in education and social services, a decade in the hospitality industry, and a deep commitment to provide support and comfort to families, Betsy has dedicated her time and energy to set into motion her vision to transform the Tudor Inn into a respite house for Gold Star Families.

Families of our Fallen will have their travel, transportation, housing and food provided for by the Captain Joseph House Foundation during their respite. The House will be open 11 months of the year for up to three families each week, visiting at the same time, arriving on a Sunday and returning to their homes the following Friday. They will have the benefit of a place of retreat while communing with the beauty of the North Olympic Peninsula in a house that provides a relaxed and comfortable setting. It will be a chance to reflect in a tranquil and peaceful environment with other families who are experiencing a similar loss.

One key to the successful operation of the Foundation is the transformation of the Captain Joseph House Foundation to reflect its new mission. Renovations will create three cozy family guest quarters, an expanded kitchen for family gatherings, and a bright sunroom and new desk to overlook the beauty of the area and the renovated grounds designed for therapeutic healing, all of which will complement the restful and peaceful nature of the house.

We believe the heart of the home is in the kitchen as it will be in Captain Joseph House. The remodeled kitchen will offer a warm, cozy place to gather and share. Staff will assist families in preparing meals, and the kitchen will always be open and staffed should someone need a cup of tea or a snack. Picnic lunches will be prepared for extended day trips around the Peninsula.

The Captain Joseph House Foundation is forging new horizons in extended care for the families of our Fallen heroes. The House will offer them a place to begin anew – a renewal of that which provides goodness, peace, and stability in their lives. It will provide time to reflect on things past and future, allowing them to work through a grieving that is such an overshadowing element in their lives. Their experience also will demonstrate that their fellow citizens gratefully acknowledge their loss and the sacrifice their loved one made for our country. Should this work spark the slightest relief for the family members, the Foundation will have found its mission fulfilled.

We invite all who would like to join us in our mission to contact the Foundation through Betsy Reed Schultz at:

Captain Joseph House Foundation
1108 South Oak St.
Port Angeles, WA 98362